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Via Ilice n.17 – Nazzano
Carrara – Italia
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A valuable identity written with stone

The Company

All-round Excellence

ESCOM srl was established in 1990 by its founder Franco Baccei, who has been operating in the stone sector since 1970. It was thanks to Franco’s knowledge and expertise, accumulated in over 25 years’ experience in the natural stone business, that he set up a new company based on his own strategic vision,founded upon achieving excellence both in the quality of the materials offered and the high-level processing used to carry out projects, in collaboration with construction companies and renowned architectural firms, both nationally and internationally.

Ever-expanding knowledge and know-how.

From the very start the company began specializing in the sale of top-quality marble and the supply of finished products, entering into long-term partnerships with major Carrara quarries to ensure a constant supply of high-end materials, implementing the purchase and sale of rough blocks acquired directly from the extraction site. This has made ESCOM srl even more competitive in supplying marble for medium and large projects, being able to guarantee continuity-of-supply, uniformity of material and high-quality selected stones.

Our Storage Facility

a strategic location

Located at the foot of the Apuan Alps in the heart of the Carara stone industry, the Company has its own block storage facility,as well as management offices,enjoying impressive views of the quarries. All materials are of the highest quality and are carefully selected from the quarry, according to specific demands that take into account the many different types of architectural and interior design projects and their diverse requirements.

A First-rate Team

ESCOM srl is led by first-rate team made up of passionate professionals with a solid wealth of expertise in the different aspects related to the use of natural stone, organized to handle any type of request. The team is composed of Franco Baccei - Designer and his sons Nicola – Architect and Urban Planner and Matteo - Building Engineer, as well as his wife Emmarosa who looks after customer and supplier relations and runs the administration department for the company.

Our finest marble around the world

For over twenty years we have been marketing and exporting the highest quality Marble, Travertine, Granite and Natural Stone to the main world markets, from Europe to America, from North Africa to Indonesia, India and all the countries in the Middle East.
Our geographical location, the undisputed home of Carrara White Marble, places us strategically at the centre of the crossroads of the global natural stone market. A consolidated, long-lasting collaboration with the most important extraction basins, is one of our strong points.It allows us to ensure, even to large-scale retailers, continuity of supply, uniformity of material in large supplies and strict high-level quality control of every stone we distribute.